The Restaurant

The Sicilian revives the 1940s inspired Italian dining experience.
We are very demanding when it comes to the things we put in our mouth.
We don't settle for second best. It is nothing personal.
It is just business. And good food is good business.
We don't want to waste anybody's time because time is money.
Pay us a visit and we'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

We are The Sicilian.


When it comes to food, we don't fool around.
Food is our life and we take it seriously.

Experience the bold romanticism, saucy and self-indulgent taste that
makes up the essence of Italian food. Just the perfect meal to pair with
a soulful conversation, be it for business or pleasure. Here up in our
joint, we serve you fine Southern Italian Cuisine with only the freshest
ingredients, heartiest flavors and absolutely no nonsense.

No one knows food like us.

Dress Code

Leave the stress of tough business behind and just let yourself unwind.
Dine in your smartest casual wear, whatever the occasion.
We insist that you feel comfortable but will stand for no sloppiness.